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I get it, the thought of dipping your toes in the “ad world” can feel scary & overwhelming. I'm here to help you take the leap, because what’s on the other side is worth it. 

I'm Amber, the ads girl

Are you ready to unlock a stream of un-tapped revenue?

In fact, there are approximately 4.76 billion social media users (which is 59.4% of the world's population). and the average person spends no less than 2 hours and 31 minutes per day on social platforms (*ummmm, gasp*).

In a world where social algorithms are always changing, it's time to stop relying on organic traffic and to implement a strategy that will consistently work for your business… 

Social media is a crowded space. 

Here's the thing....






Revenue Generated Via Facebook & Instagram Ads 

Leads Captured Via Facebook & Instagram Ads 

Clients Served Since 2013

Number of Launch Funnels Set-Up

Years of Ads & Marketing Experience 

 Level of Excitement to Serve YOU! 

And you might be wondering,
“Is it true, do I really need to use ads”!?

The honest answer:

“Oh darling

                       you really need to 'pay to play' if you want to see results on social media"

you've probably heard it before...

Heck YES!

The fact of the matter is, eyeballs on your offer MATTER. If you don’t have a constant flow of new people on your site, you won’t continue to grow. And you are risking turning off your current audience by selling to them over and over again. If your current strategy is your only one, you’ll never reach those big goals you’ve set for yourself.

And guess what?
 With the right strategy in place, they ARE achievable. 

Hint Hint, Facebook/Instagram Ads is that strategy 😉

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"It is really refreshing to have someone in my corner who is knowledgeable and great at what she does."

genna blackburn

"You can tell that she doesn't believe in the 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Instead, she custom tailors each campaign to fit my business perfectly."

Kim Burks
of Ramona & Ruth

"In the 9 months that she has been running my ads, the ads have had almost a 4x ROA. I have made significantly more than I've spent"

elisabeth stuckey

"You WON’T regret hiring Amber—it will only increase your sales and bring you peace of mind."

laurieanne of laurieanne art

Trusted by leaders in the creative Industry 

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Facebook/Instagram Ads Expert, Launch Strategist, Mama, Wife, Believer, Iced Coffee Connoisseur, Southern-Hearted Hostess 

Andddd that friend who will always be down for a Mexican dinner date.

Oh and also, your new business bestie! 

If you’ve landed here, you’re most likely a creative business owner who’s doing really important, meaningful work and you’re ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL. 

Welp friend, I can help. I think it’s time we really get to know each other.

Amber is the best! Looking at facebook ads made me cross-eyed and Amber was referred to me by a friend! I am 100% and SO thankful I found her. She has helped me get the ball rolling, gave great advice, created returns on my ad spend, and KNOWS her stuff. My ads are running AMAZING and I couldn't be happier with how things are going right now. 100% worth the investment working with her. She is so great for creative entrepreneurs and gets what works for us! I tell everyone in my circle they need an Amber in their life!

100% worth the investment

mindy, indy bloom design

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to ensure your ad's success

Get Clear On Your Goals 

step 1

Are you looking to grow your email list with super qualified leads? Do you have a product launch coming up and need to make sure everyone knows about it?! Or maybe you simply want to increase sales to your shop? 

The first step in making sure you’re ready to spend money on paid ads is to get laser focused on who we’re targeting and what your goals are for your business. 

Analyze Your Campaign 

step 2

Then, we’ll analyze your funnel. 

We want to make sure that wherever we're directing people after they’ve clicked on your ad is set up for success. The average website attention span is EIGHT seconds. We will work to make sure your landing page entices your audience and gets them to take action! 

This part of the process is just as important to me as the ads set up, because it's crucial for the success of the campaign! I want to see your ads convert just as much as you do 🎉 

Build, Launch & Watch The Results Roll In! 

step 3

Finally, I'll actually build your campaigns (insert all the nerdy behind the scenes things that need to happen here), we’ll launch them and then sit back, relax and watch the leads/sales roll in. 

Well actually, you’ll get to sit back and relax, I’ll be over here stalking your campaigns to make sure they’re performing against the goals we set in step 1. Some people are doing the infinite scroll on Tik-Tok, I am more into refreshing the meta ads manager to see how your ads are doing.

3-Step Process

Cheers to you, friend!

ready to get started?

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